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Onshore Title Abstractz, LLC is a leading service provider for the Title and Settlement Services Industry.  

 We provide

services such as- deed recording, tax reporting, lien assessments and document retrievals.

But we specialize in tax certificates and municipal lien searches

Onshore Title Abstractz, LLC

Was established by four experienced title professionals to serve the needs of the mortgage lending and title industry. 


Every team member can produce 25 to 50 reports per day...

Our management team has trained our staff of experienced title workers at OnShore Title to produce between 25 to 50 tax reports per day, per person when all information for your property address is on-line or available with a phone call.  We can currently handle 1000 tax reports per month, but have the ability to scale up from that number to meet your needs.

OnShore Title Abstractz was one of our municipal lien search vendors, but quickly turned into our ONLY municipal lien search vendor. They are quick to respond and they provide a superior product that we rely on. They provide excellent service and understand that we have a need for quick turn arounds on their search product. We are very pleased with their work and their customer service. We will continue to use OnShore Title Abstractz for all of municipal lien search needs.

Stacey Blackniak

REO, DIL, Purchase and Curative Manager

Lenders Title Solutions

We are open Monday thru Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, Eastern Time Zone.

We are located on "America's Main Street Award Winner for 2018"- Bridge Street.

Call or email  for a FREE list of states and counties we cover.

(440) 307-0575  /

Our Products and Services

Our company offers many different services

Property Tax Service

We perform tax research and reporting for properties nationwide. We will call the county offices and obtain tax information from all tax authorities which include county, city, municipality, water/sewer. Your report will include real estate taxes for the subject property and include tax status, due dates, good through dates and delinquency information.

Each team member can produce  up to 50 tax reports in 6 to 8 hours in 44 states, 2,844 counties in the US. 

Document Retrieval and Recordings

We offer document retrieval and deed and mortgage recordings in the following counties: Ashtabula, Lake and Geauga, Ohio and Erie County, Pennsylvania. We will take your instructions and original documents to these walk in counties for you, usually within 24 hours.

Municipal Lien Searches

Municipal Lien Searches

We help to discover any unrecorded liens against residential property that typically do not show up in an examination of recorded liens in the county recorder's office. Prior to a real estate closing, municipal liens are the responsibility of the seller BUT if missed, payment of the liens become the responsibility of the buyer.

• Real estate property tax information – We call the county tax office and gather the current year and prior year tax information and also check for city taxes.

• Utility information (Water Sewer) – We will check if the property is inside the city limits or outside the city limits. We will search for the city utility department contact number and check with them about the water and sewer bills. 

• Code Enforcement Violation Information –  We inquire if there is any open or closed code enforcement violation against the property. We ask for the type of violations, case number and the amount due good through end of the month. 

•Building Permit Information :This is the same as the code enforcement process. We will check with the city building department if the property is in city limits and inquire if there is any open or closed building permits against the property. If yes, we capture the type of permit, permit number and the amount due good through end of the month. 

Commitment Typing and Order Entry, Bankruptcy Searches

We prepare the title commitment in your system and provide you with the final product in any file format you require.

Order Entry Process involves recording your order information into your client entry system.

Bankruptcy Searches 

We verify if there is any Bankruptcy filed against the borrower. We provide the case number, file date, parties involved and list of creditors. 

We then email you all of the documentation. 

Let us send you our List!

We can provide tax certificates in 6-8 hours in 2,844 counties in the United States. Just fill out the contact form on this website and ​we will send out the entire list to you at no cost.

6 Hours

We are experienced Senior Title Examiners trained by foreclosure attorneys in Ohio and worked at one of the larges​t title insurance companies in America. You can trust us to handle your information with the security and respect it deserves.

I do appreciate all of your efforts. We love your company and your staff and we’ll continue to use them as our only lien search company. Have a great day. Stacey Blackniak

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